Welcome to the Blurry Sight Club

Honestly I’ve wanted glasses my whole life. Unlike those who think glasses are for nerds or geeks, I love how a good pair of glasses can reflect and make your personality stand out even more, and I even find them a little bit sexy. I’ve watched the coolest people wearing glasses my whole life and wearing such pretty ones I just wanted my own. But not fake ones.

So when they told me I needed reading glasses I got so excited! I went into the store and bought the first pair I thought were the coolest. I waited for a week till they were done; I picked them up and put them on.
That’s when a small CHAOS started. Apparently it’s normal that glasses keep on falling from nosez, just a little bit but enough for me to be constantly putting them in place. So basically I have some issues reading while pointing my sight to the ground. And then, there’s this “The first couple of days you won’t be able to clean completely the lenses” BULLSHIT! It’s been probably a month and a couple of days already and I have trouble reading because the little particles I can’t seem to get off of my lenses keep disturbing my sight. And now if I don’t wear my glasses I sense this horrible headache immediately, so I’m stuck forever. Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it.


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