Culinary paradise: Almacén de Flores

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I always thought that my relationship with food was a normal thing, everyone likes to eat. Later in life, and I must admit not that long ago, I realized that my love for food went beyond everydayness, not many things compared to trying out new food, taste the final product of an acclaimed homemade recipe, o simply going out to dine. But the story about my sophisticated palate is one for another post, the important thing today is that Pilana & Co. is back after a prolonged break and with a new section: Culinary Paradise.
Today I want to share with you El Almacén de Flores. I’ve been postponing this post for nearly a year, but it’s finally here.

The Almacén de Flores is a small restaurant located in Boulevard Sáenz Peña in the city of Tigre (Buenos Aires, Argentina). The place, that has walls coated with graffiti and paintings on the outside while contrasting with delicate and romantic tables, invites you in for drinking something warm in winter o for relaxing and drinking something cold in summer. With no season to be condition by, the Almacén delights its customers with a non-stop smiling staff. 

Entering the main room, you can see a white room with barely taken care of walls that evoke a relaxed and bohemian-chic style. Abundant day light, cozy tables with fresh flowers on top and an impeccable style, mirrors everywhere, paintings from guest artists and a menu written on the wall to give ideas, because a conventional menu is also handed to you.

You ask for the meal expectant of what is yet to come, and the results are never disappointing. For lunch the best smoked salmon salad filled with the best cream cheese, for the fan of pasta that joins me everywhere some Penne Rigatte with Caprese sauce, and an exquisite chocolate mousse. For breakfast a bagel with bacon and the yummiest scrambled eggs, or a sandwich, or toasts, whatever you order it’s good. And on the weekends you can order brunch. As far as for the prices, they are overall reasonable, especially considering the quality of the food.

So I totally recommend you grab your favorite going-out-for-dinner buddy and swing by to experience a nice and beautiful meal. And if you’re passing by Buenos Aires and decided to spend the day at Tigre, here you have a nice option to have lunch.

Ps. They have a facebook page.

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Lots of love, Coni.

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